Post Traumatic Growth

What is Post Traumatic Growth? That’s a great question.

Post traumatic growth is the sensation of gaining personal growth despite, but due to, having experienced a traumatic or challenging life event.

Research suggests that post traumatic growth is most often obtained organically by resilient people. I believe that post traumatic growth can also be cultivated with the intentional use of positive psychology theory, research, and practices. For more evidence of this idea, please click below.

Please know that if you are experiencing the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), treatment from a licensed clinical therapist or psychologist is necessary. Though my services can be paired with PTSD therapy, it should not be the sole treatment.

Cultivating post traumatic growth is a practice best suitable for people who are still able to function daily with the negative impact of a stressful, traumatic, and/or challenging event, but feel as though they are not thriving anymore.

Cultivating post traumatic growth is a practice for people who need direction and accountability around self-care, increasing well-being, feeling empowered, and redefining purpose and meaning in life.

If you are interested in cultivating post traumatic growth in your life, please contact me to learn more information about how your individualized growth plan would be implemented.