Daydreaming Life into Reality

Daydreaming Life When I was a child, I would spends countless evening hours lying on the floor with encyclopedias open and spread out on the carpet around me. No. I was not a child prodigy genius studiously inspecting the world of academia.

Like most children, I was imaginative and curious. I was creating a world for myself through the colorful pages of pictures. I was dreaming myself into adventures in far-off landscapes and blending myself into the beautiful cultures of humanity. This is a trait I never quite grew out of.

For numerous reasons in my young adulthood, I felt as though I was stuck within the country roads of my hometown. I was born there. I grew up there. I went to college there. And in the midst of those college years, financially broke and emotionally drained, I met a friend named Jay.

Jay had a life that I envied. A life that involved traveling, adventure, and living in the moment. He would rehash his latest exploration, and I would state, “I wish I could do something like that.” He would always reply, “You can. You just have to do it. Why not?”

Why not? Because I have to finish my degree. Because I have to work to pay my tuition in order to finish my degree. Because I have enough money for two days of gas. Maybe. That’s why not.

Jay and I fell out of touch soon after we met, but his words have always stuck with me.

“You just have to do it.”

As I interviewed for an internship on the other side of the country…

As I bought my first backpack…

As I drove to North Carolina with all my belongings packed in my car…(read more)

As I boarded the plane to Europe and Alaska and Australia…

As I hiked the trails, climbed the mountains, slept under the stars…

I thought to myself, “I just have to do it. Why not?”

Today, I have a job and a life. I have obligations and commitments. But I also have my priorities. Traveling makes me happy. Adventures and new experiences make me happy. Far-off landscapes, beautiful cultures, imagination and curiosity make me happy. So I make them a priority.

Why not? I just have to do it.

Published by Fireflies and Jars

Hello! My name is Tracey Gerlach. Professionally, I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Unprofessionally, I'm a doubting dreamer who's just trying to make every moment count. Follow along!

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