Last Days of Summer


The air was hot and stale in the bus and so crowded with people I stood for the entirety of my journey. Muted French voices swirled in the atmosphere around me as their host’s bodies swayed to and fro with the curvatures of the road. I felt sick. With each twist and turn, it seemed as if the bus would tip onto two wheels and proceed to roll down the rocky cliffs and land with a splash in the blue sea below. The driver drove aggressively, honking and shaking his fist at the other vehicles inhabiting the road.

As I stepped off the bus and onto the scorched cemented sidewalk, I drew in a breath of relief along with hot, yet fresh air. I looked around as the bus charged away. All the signs were in French, which I did not speak a word of besides “Bonjour,” but the beach wouldn’t be hard to find. I could already see the glittering blue waters from where I stood at the bus stop.

At the water’s edge, I dropped my towel and flip-flops in a pile. The smooth pebbles felt warm and nurturing beneath my feet as I entered the cool water, which was so translucent that I could see small, brightly colored fish swimming lightly around my legs.

The Mediterranean Sea on a hot summer’s day. Grinning with pleasure and surrealism, I sighed to myself, “This is the life”.

Summer is not over yet! Make time to sink your toes into the depths of refreshing water before having to embark back into reality this fall. Near or far, salty or fresh, chlorinated or natural, water has a way of cleansing and refreshing the soul.

Take a moment of self-care and dive right in!


Published by Fireflies and Jars

Hello! My name is Tracey Gerlach. Professionally, I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Unprofessionally, I'm a doubting dreamer who's just trying to make every moment count. Follow along!

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