Last Days of Summer


The air was hot and stale in the bus and so crowded with people I stood for the entirety of my journey. Muted French voices swirled in the atmosphere around me as their host’s bodies swayed to and fro with the curvatures of the road. I felt sick. With each twist and turn, it seemed as if the bus would tip onto two wheels and proceed to roll down the rocky cliffs and land with a splash in the blue sea below. The driver drove aggressively, honking and shaking his fist at the other vehicles inhabiting the road. Continue reading

67 Reasons to Cheers this Summer

67 Reasons to Cheers this Summer

I’d like to raise a toast.

A toast to summertime.


Cheers to the great outdoors. To sunshine kissed skin and freckles. To running through the rain without getting cold. Continue reading