The Going Green Mental Health Trend

Going Green

Last week, our world leaders met in Paris, France in order to attend the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to discuss our world, our environment, and our goals for the future.

Our World.

Our Environment.

Our Goals.

We, the people of the world, are called to action for the betterment of our nations: at home and abroad, today and tomorrow.

We know. Right? We know the importance of taking care of our planet. We know the importance of recycling, limiting our water usage, and turning off lights. Right?

Then why aren’t we doing it?

We know all about our carbon-footprint, greenhouse emissions, and animal extinctions. Right?

Then why don’t we care?

Well, here’s one theory…

What’s in it for us?

I think we can all admit to the fact that we are an egocentric society with a strong sense of immediate gratification. Generally speaking, of course.

Go Green? Why me? What do I get out of it right now?

Mental Health.

The Going Green Mental Health Trend.

Here are 3 easy steps to helping the environment while helping yourself.

1) Plan Ahead

Healthy Environment: Planning ahead while running errands will greatly reduce car emissions by making fewer trips.

Healthy Self: Planning ahead will establish numerous increases in positive mental health. Taking time to organize your thoughts and schedule will promote goal-setting, success, memory, and feelings of accomplishment. Not to mention, spending less time in traffic is great for everyone’s stress levels.

2) Reduce your Energy Bill

Healthy Environment: Using less power will lower your monthly bill. Unplugging non-essential appliances while not in use and turning off computers and electronics at night will make a difference.

Healthy Self: Reduction in monthly bills equals a reduction in financial stress levels, no matter how minimal. Reducing stress levels will promote an increase in physical health, happy relationships, and overall quality of life.

3) Donate, Upcycle, and Volunteer

Healthy Environment: By donating and upcycling, materials are being reused and recycled instead of heading to the landfill. Volunteering your services with an environmental group, local park, or donation-based food bank will allow such organizations to remain in operation.

Healthy Self: Donating and volunteering creates a sense of purpose and gratitude from within. As humans, helping others makes us happy. Upcycling is creating new items from discarded ones, promoting creativity, accomplishment, and confidence.

This week, I’m going to begin my Going Green Mental Health Trend by turning my bedroom light off whenever I leave the room and picking up at least one piece of trash per day.

What will you do? #goingmht


Published by Fireflies and Jars

Hello! My name is Tracey Gerlach. Professionally, I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Unprofessionally, I'm a doubting dreamer who's just trying to make every moment count. Follow along!

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