The Going Green Mental Health Trend

Going Green

Last week, our world leaders met in Paris, France in order to attend the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to discuss our world, our environment, and our goals for the future.

Our World.

Our Environment.

Our Goals. Continue reading

A Lesson in Gratitude



“It’s Thanksgiving morning, we’re stuck in the woods, and you’re making us hike!?”

“It will be worth it! I promise.” I replied, hoisting my day-pack over my shoulders.

The group of adolescent guys converged at the trailhead to wait for the day’s venture. Their boots were worn. There was ash tarnishing the fabric of their jackets and patchy beards forming on their grim faces. Continue reading

Because I Took the Plunge

Because I Took the Plunge

I was lying naked on a broad flat rock. My legs were sprawled out in front of me and my feet rested at the edge of the river. The water flowed steadily downstream inches from my toes. Continue reading

Avalanche of Fear

AvalancheoffearI have a history of allowing fear to dictate my life.

I’ve passed up opportunities, relationships, opinions, and happiness because I’ve been afraid.

Afraid to venture outside of my comfort zone.

Afraid of failure.

But mostly, afraid of the unknown.

I think about my fears often. They cycle through my mind like a cyclone of negativity, ready to dash through my hopes and dreams whenever the situation presents itself.

This is how my mind was racing with fear when I began my climb up Half Dome, the iconic image of Yosemite National Park in California. Continue reading

Finding Happiness in the Wombat Parade of Life

Wombat Parade of Life

“Would you like to use my mallet?”

She must have been watching us from her deluxe caravan tent, complete with rooms and windows and even a shower. She must have been watching as we broke an “unbreakable” water bottle pounding in the tent stakes of our tiny backpacking tents, unsuccessfully.

“You have to tilt the pegs slightly to the side, you see? Move away from the tree. Those cockatoos will be back.” Her voice was thick with an Australian accent as she guided us step-by-step on the how-to’s of tent-staking. Continue reading

Inspiring People

Inspiring PeopleThere were six of us on that mountain top. Breathing hard in the frigid winter winds. Talking, joking, and laughing.

I looked from face to face, and though I could not feel my nose or my fingers, my heart and soul were warm with love and appreciation.

I met these people when I was broken, wide-eyed, searching for something more.

I stumbled upon them in the wilderness.

People who were confident.

People who were creative and intelligent.

People who never stopped searching for answers.

People who never grew weary of adventure. Continue reading

Got the Winter Blues?

Got Winter Blues?

In 2013, I decided to out-wit Mother Nature.

At the time, my job required me to spend every other week in the wilderness. The previous two winters, I lived outdoors. It’s a powerful experience, but I just didn’t want to do it anymore. So I took the winter off of work and sought a warmer climate. Australian summer.

I spent the winter trekking through the Outback and lying on white-sand beaches, but when spring returned, it was time to go back to work. Continue reading

Three Ways Mountains Inspire

3 Ways Mountains InspireThey say the Appalachian Mountains are the oldest in the world. They say they were once larger than the Alps and the Rockies. They say they hold the wisdom of ages. That all you have to do is listen.

I sat, and I listened, and I understood. Continue reading