A Self-Seeking Journey Gone Rouge

I left on a journey. A self-seeking journey to a mountaintop far above. On the journey, I put my blind trust on something other than intuition, and I became lost. So lost. Instead of climbing higher and higher, I sank down into the ravines of fog and chill. “This can’t be right.” I nervously exclaimed.Continue reading “A Self-Seeking Journey Gone Rouge”

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1

The day I left on my journey to North Carolina in 2010, my mother handedĀ me a page tornĀ from Guidepost Magazine. I kept it in the middle console of my little black car, folded neatly in half. The article stared up at me as I drove, and appeared in my dreams throughout my first week inContinue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1”