A Self-Seeking Journey Gone Rouge

I left on a journey.

A self-seeking journey to a mountaintop far above.

On the journey, I put my blind trust on something other than intuition, and I became lost.

So lost.

Instead of climbing higher and higher, I sank down into the ravines of fog and chill.

“This can’t be right.” I nervously exclaimed. “I left on this journey seeking the mountaintop. Why am I know so low and cold?”

Around the last bend, a waterfall awaited.

A waterfall: The powerful tears of the mountaintop so far out of reach above, but calling to me none-the-less.

“Your journey”, the waterfall wailed through the roar of the flow “Has only just begun.”

“This path will take you to your mountaintop but only after you scale the rocks.”

“Only after you traverse the muddy paths.”

“Only after you cross the rivers…

stumble in the darkness…

and weather the storms.”

“Only then will you see your destiny.”

With a sigh, I continued on my journey.

Tired and sad, but inspired by the beauty and power of the waterfall.

Now is not the time to lose heart.

Now is the time to set my spirit free among the mountains and hear the songs of the land.

Stride by stride.

Seeking self along the way.

Published by Fireflies and Jars

Hello! My name is Tracey Gerlach. Professionally, I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner and a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Unprofessionally, I'm a doubting dreamer who's just trying to make every moment count. Follow along!