A Lesson in Gratitude

  “It’s Thanksgiving morning, we’re stuck in the woods, and you’re making us hike!?” “It will be worth it! I promise.” I replied, hoisting my day-pack over my shoulders. The group of adolescent guys converged at the trailhead to wait for the day’s venture. Their boots were worn. There was ash tarnishing the fabric of their jacketsContinue reading “A Lesson in Gratitude”

What is Wilderness Therapy? And Does it Work?

Let me paint you a picture of wilderness therapy. We are sitting in the forest along a mountain trail. The sun is high in the sky, casting golden beams through the green foliage. Within one of those beams sits a young man of 16 years. He sits by himself atop his backpack, boots placed firmlyContinue reading “What is Wilderness Therapy? And Does it Work?”

The Most Important Job in Wilderness Therapy: An Ode to Miss Tammy

Student at wilderness therapy program: “Does Miss Tammy own this company?” Wilderness therapy instructor: “Why do you say that?” Student: “Everyone’s always saying that she’s the most important person here.” Instructor: “Well, that’s because she is.” Wilderness therapy is the ultimate Hero’s Journey dance; a cyclical pattern of communication, efficiency, and passion.  It is a process that is alwaysContinue reading “The Most Important Job in Wilderness Therapy: An Ode to Miss Tammy”