5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Mind

I am sitting at the bay window of my Philadelphia apartment, staring outside. The sky is grey. The trees are brown. The ground is white. At least it is for now, but spring is in the air, and with spring, comes transition. This is true, right? It seems as though the world comes back toContinue reading “5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Mind”

I am a Person Who: A Challenge

A Challenge for my readers: Complete this phrase: I am a person who _______________________________. Yesterday was my birthday. The perfect opportunity to reflect upon who I am as a person. This isn’t an easy concept. In the past, I allowed others to dictate who I was and how I felt. I lost myself. Today, I find strengthContinue reading “I am a Person Who: A Challenge”

Inspiring People

There were six of us on that mountain top. Breathing hard in the frigid winter winds. Talking, joking, and laughing. I looked from face to face, and though I could not feel my nose or my fingers, my heart and soul were warm with love and appreciation. I met these people when I was broken, wide-eyed,Continue reading “Inspiring People”

Breaking The Jars: personal intention

Imagine this with me. Sixteen years of age, long brown hair, big brown eyes. Innocence stolen. Her eyes reveal pain. They reveal helplessness. She wants to give up. She’s seated on the front stoop of a beautiful old farmhouse surrounded by the Amish heartland in all directions. Mason jar in hand, eyes glazed, she watchesContinue reading “Breaking The Jars: personal intention”