Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 3

The rock we sat on seemed to grow harder and harder as the sky around us grew darker and darker. The air was damp from a summer misting earlier in the day. The forest was quiet except for the swiftly running creek and the beat of my anxious heart full of expectation and wonder.

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 2

With a deep breath and wide eyes, I pulled my car into the line of minivans and mid-sized sedans packed with coolers, hot dogs, and the laughter of happy vacation spirits caravanning into Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I look around my own car, feeling slightly out of place. Me in my compact car, water bottleContinue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 2”

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1

The day I left on my journey to North Carolina in 2010, my mother handed me a page torn from Guidepost Magazine. I kept it in the middle console of my little black car, folded neatly in half. The article stared up at me as I drove, and appeared in my dreams throughout my first week inContinue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1”

Daydreaming Life into Reality

When I was a child, I would spends countless evening hours lying on the floor with encyclopedias open and spread out on the carpet around me. No. I was not a child prodigy genius studiously inspecting the world of academia. Like most children, I was imaginative and curious. I was creating a world for myself through theContinue reading “Daydreaming Life into Reality”

Cleansing Rain: Releasing Your Frustration

Flashback to the year 2005: I was grounded a lot that year. I remember feeling so isolated. I had dial-up internet access on a Windows 95 desktop, and miles of forest and fields between my childhood home and town, and no cell phone. I felt claustrophobic.

How Much Longer?

Are we there yet? I worked as an instructor leading backpacking expeditions for teenagers. Some days we would hike 5 miles, some days .5 miles. No matter the length, I would never tell my students how far we would be hiking that day. I wanted them to stay in the moment and experience the journeyContinue reading “How Much Longer?”