Travel Blunders Got You Down?

Travel Blunders3

The night before, I felt as though I was suffocating beneath a thick blanket of Northern Australian atmosphere. Sweat pooled without conviction beneath my corpse-still body, and moisture was so thick in my lungs, I thought black mold might be the ultimate cause of my suffocation. Continue reading “Travel Blunders Got You Down?”

Australia Will Kill You: and other life lessons

Australia Will Kill You

Ever since I was very young I wanted to visit Australia. I’m not sure why, out of all the places in the world I became fascinated with this destination, though I suspect it had quite a bit to do with the wildlife. I love animals. I especially love wild, exotic, and strange animals. Australia is filled with wild, exotic, and strange animals.Continue reading “Australia Will Kill You: and other life lessons”

The Most Important Job in Wilderness Therapy: An Ode to Miss Tammy

5 Tips to a Healthy Winter

Student at wilderness therapy program: “Does Miss Tammy own this company?”

Wilderness therapy instructor: “Why do you say that?”

Student: “Everyone’s always saying that she’s the most important person here.”

Instructor: “Well, that’s because she is.”

Wilderness therapy is the ultimate Hero’s Journey dance; a cyclical pattern of communication, efficiency, and passion.  It is a process that is always brought full circle, whether it be in reality or by metaphor.Continue reading “The Most Important Job in Wilderness Therapy: An Ode to Miss Tammy”

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 3

The rock we sat on seemed to grow harder and harder as the sky around us grew darker and darker. The air was damp from a summer misting earlier in the day. The forest was quiet except for the swiftly running creek and the beat of my anxious heart full of expectation and wonder.Continue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 3”

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 2

Synchronizing Fireflies 2

With a deep breath and wide eyes, I pulled my car into the line of minivans and mid-sized sedans packed with coolers, hot dogs, and the laughter of happy vacation spirits caravanning into Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I look around my own car, feeling slightly out of place. Me in my compact car, water bottle and journal on the seat next to me, and nerves fully heightened.

It was June 2011. It was peak season for synchronizing fireflies at Great Smoky National Park. This time, I was going to see them…Continue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 2”

Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1

Synchronized Fireflies Part 1

The day I left on my journey to North Carolina in 2010, my mother handed me a page torn from Guidepost Magazine.

I kept it in the middle console of my little black car, folded neatly in half.

The article stared up at me as I drove, and appeared in my dreams throughout my first week in the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Continue reading “Synchronized Fireflies: Journey to Healing, Part 1”

Daydreaming Life into Reality

Daydreaming Life When I was a child, I would spends countless evening hours lying on the floor with encyclopedias open and spread out on the carpet around me. No. I was not a child prodigy genius studiously inspecting the world of academia.

Like most children, I was imaginative and curious. I was creating a world for myself through the colorful pages of pictures. I was dreaming myself into adventures in far-off landscapes and blending myself into the beautiful cultures of humanity. Continue reading “Daydreaming Life into Reality”