Avalanche of Fear

AvalancheoffearI have a history of allowing fear to dictate my life.

I’ve passed up opportunities, relationships, opinions, and happiness because I’ve been afraid.

Afraid to venture outside of my comfort zone.

Afraid of failure.

But mostly, afraid of the unknown.

I think about my fears often. They cycle through my mind like a cyclone of negativity, ready to dash through my hopes and dreams whenever the situation presents itself.

This is how my mind was racing with fear when I began my climb up Half Dome, the iconic image of Yosemite National Park in California.Continue reading “Avalanche of Fear”

5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Mind

How to Spring Clean Your Mind

I am sitting at the bay window of my Philadelphia apartment, staring outside. The sky is grey. The trees are brown. The ground is white. At least it is for now, but spring is in the air, and with spring, comes transition.

This is true, right? It seems as though the world comes back to life after a long winter. There are buds on the trees, birds in the sky, and people in the parks. It’s exciting, and I for one, invest my energy and emotion levels in the transitioning weather around me.

Which is why I felt a pending sense of doom fall onto my shoulders last Friday morning, when I opened my curtains only to find thick, heavy snowflakes falling from the clouds. Yes, doom.Continue reading “5 Steps to Spring Clean Your Mind”

Finding Happiness in the Wombat Parade of Life

Wombat Parade of Life

“Would you like to use my mallet?”

She must have been watching us from her deluxe caravan tent, complete with rooms and windows and even a shower. She must have been watching as we broke an “unbreakable” water bottle pounding in the tent stakes of our tiny backpacking tents, unsuccessfully.

“You have to tilt the pegs slightly to the side, you see? Move away from the tree. Those cockatoos will be back.” Her voice was thick with an Australian accent as she guided us step-by-step on the how-to’s of tent-staking.Continue reading “Finding Happiness in the Wombat Parade of Life”

5 Ways to Stay Fit in the Forest

5 Ways to Stay Fit in the Forest

I met Nadia Zebouni, founder of Health Vibes, in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Read her guest post here at Fireflies and Jars and check out her website www.healththroughself.com

Outdoor living automatically stimulates a sense of health and well-being simply by (presumably) detaching from the constant distractions of daily modern life, reverting to simple living sans technology, getting breaths of fresh air, and being (at least somewhat) physically active.Continue reading “5 Ways to Stay Fit in the Forest”

I am a Person Who: A Challenge

I am a Person WhoA Challenge for my readers:

Complete this phrase: I am a person who _______________________________.

Yesterday was my birthday. The perfect opportunity to reflect upon who I am as a person.

This isn’t an easy concept.

In the past, I allowed others to dictate who I was and how I felt. I lost myself.

Today, I find strength in understanding who I am. I gain inspiration, courage, and confidence from within. I continue learning everyday.Continue reading “I am a Person Who: A Challenge”

The Summit, the Climb, or the Release?

Summit, Climb, or Release?We stood in the lobby of the mountaineering club watching the burly adventurers stride through with their crampons and trekking poles.

“White-out conditions and 70 mph winds before you reach the John Muir Base Camp at 10,000 ft,” we overheard from the guide behind the desk. “We don’t recommend going up the mountain unless you have experience in these conditions. Stick to the trail because 200 ft to the left is a drop off.”

I look down at my rain pants and hiking boots. What are we getting ourselves into!?Continue reading “The Summit, the Climb, or the Release?”

Inspiring People

Inspiring PeopleThere were six of us on that mountain top. Breathing hard in the frigid winter winds. Talking, joking, and laughing.

I looked from face to face, and though I could not feel my nose or my fingers, my heart and soul were warm with love and appreciation.

I met these people when I was broken, wide-eyed, searching for something more.

I stumbled upon them in the wilderness.

People who were confident.

People who were creative and intelligent.

People who never stopped searching for answers.

People who never grew weary of adventure.Continue reading “Inspiring People”